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Why Buy Used at Pete Moore Mitsubishi
Buying a used car is a great option for a lot of car shoppers especially those on a tight budget. The most obvious reason to buy used is to save money: You’ll have a much lower sticker price with a used car, which means smaller payments, lower insurance costs, and lower registration fees. There are plenty of other reasons to buy a used car as well, besides the great prices.

Buying used is also beneficial if you’re planning to resell your car after a few years. Since new cars depreciate the most in their first couple of years, you’ve missed the bulk of it when you buy a used vehicle. So when you go to resell or trade it in, you’re going to get a lot more of your money back than if you bought it brand new.  

Plus, if you have a dream car that you could never afford new, you just might be able to fit it into your budget if you buy one that has a few years on it. Especially with depreciation being so extreme in the first two years, even a three-year-old version of your favorite car could be a price that fits within your budget and still be in almost new condition!

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Buying used does of course come with concerns that buying a new car doesn’t, but if you’re a savvy buyer and do your research, you can have the exact same peace of mind with a used car as you would a new one. Check CARFAX reports, have a mechanic inspect the car you’re looking at, and read up on that particular model year to check for recalls and major problems. All you need is a search engine and a little elbow grease, and you’re set to buy a great used car!
In addition to doing your own research, we at Pete Moore Mitsubishi are here to help you with all your car buying questions. Whether you have generic questions about buying used or are looking at a specific vehicle you are interested in, stop by and talk to one of our used car salesmen today!  

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