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Car Brakes Safety

Your car’s brakes are undeniably the most important safety feature in your car. This is why is it so important to take good care of them and get them serviced regularly. It’s to help keep your brakes working properly for your safety and to know when you need to replace them. If you want to find ways to help your brakes last longer, here are a few things to try:
Car Brakes in Pensacola, FL
  1. Don’t speed. The faster you drive, the harder your brakes have to work to slow you down. Just by driving 5 to 10 mph slower and you can save a lot of brake wear.
  2. Coast. Take advantage of the open road ahead of you and slow down by coasting (just lift your foot off the gas and let momentum do its work).
  3. Look ahead. If you’re driving in city traffic, look ahead so you can properly time the stoplights without having to stop. Most cities time lights so that if you drive the speed limit, you should get a long series of green lights.
  4. Cut some weight. The heavier your car is, the harder your brakes have to work. If you’ve been carting around a load of stuff that you’ve been planning to drop off at the thrift store, do it today, so it doesn’t cost you more brake power and gas.
  5. Upgrade. If you get cheap brakes, they will likely wear out quickly. However, you don’t need brakes built for a racecar on your sedan. Use good quality brakes designed for your type of vehicle.
Now that you know how to prolong the life of your brakes, here some signs that it’s time to get them replaced:
  • Screeching or grinding sound. If you hear a high-pitched screeching sound whenever you apply the brakes, it may very likely be the built-in safety mechanism that lets you know your brakes are running low.
  • Brake light. If the brake warning light (not the same as the parking brake light) illuminates while you’re driving, this could indicate a problem with your brake fluid or the brakes themselves.
  • Not stopping quickly enough. If you notice your car is taking longer distances to come to a complete stop than it used to, this is a good sign you need to have your brakes checked.
Brake Lights in Pensacola, FL
If you have any concerns about the brakes on your car, have them checked as soon as you can. You can schedule a service appointment at Pete Moore Mitsubishi in Pensacola either by calling (850) 457-1000 or online.
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