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Car Dashboard Lights / Pensacola, FL

Ignored more often than not, dashboard lights actually offer significant insight into your car’s mechanics. Dashboard lights are designed to give you an idea when something is wrong or needs attention, before it gets bad enough that your car begins to display more obvious (and less convenient) signs of a problem. Next time a light comes on in your dash, be prepared to face the problem head-on with this guide of common dashboard warning lights.
Brake System Light at Pete Moore Imports in Pensacola, FL

Brake System

This light signals that something is wrong with the brake system. The problem could be anything from low brake fluid level to worn brake pads, to a fault with the ABS system. If this light is blinking, stop driving the car as soon as possible, and have it looked at right away.
Check Engine Light at Pete Moore Imports in Pensacola, FL

Check Engine

This looks like a small engine, and could suggest one of a number of things is wrong. It could be as simple as a faulty electrical sensor or as serious as a larger mechanical problem. It’s best to have this looked at as soon as possible to avoid further damage.
Coolant Temp Warning at Pete Moore Imports in Pensacola, FL

Coolant Temp Warning

This indicates that your car’s temperature is too high. The culprit could be the coolant level, the fan, or the radiator cap. Allow your car to cool down before continuing your journey. If the problem persists, make sure to have a professional take a look.
Oil Pressure Warning Light at Pete Moore Imports in Pensacola, FL
Oil Pressure Warning

This often indicates a loss of engine oil pressure, and should not be ignored. When engine oil levels get too low, your engine will suffer the consequences.  

Battery/Charging Alert at Pete Moore Imports in Pensacola, FL

Battery/Charging Alert

This light Indicates that the voltage level is below normal, and the charging system isn’t functioning properly. This is often accompanied with trouble starting the car.
For a complete list of lights and their meanings, visit or check your owner’s manual. For other service related questions, contact our Service Department at Pete Moore Mitsubishi!

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