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The City of Pensacola, Florida: Home of the Blue Angels

Here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we are proud to call our home Pensacola, Florida. A place that is full of rich history and has a nostalgic feel to it, we couldn’t be happier to belong to a place that offers so many things. Because of Pensacola’s long history, it has many nicknames that help define Pensacola and what the city means to its people. We are going to explain what each nickname means, as we take you through all that is Pensacola.


America's First Settlement
Downtown Pensacola Sign
Pensacola’s history goes a long way back; all the way to 1559 when the Spanish first landed in the area. During this time, the land was inhabited by Creek Indians including one of the local tribes Panzacola. This is where Pensacola will eventually receive its name. During this time, the Spanish were driven out because of Hurricanes and other terrible weather, but they didn’t stay away for long.

The Spanish maintained control of Pensacola from 1559 till 1719. At this time, Pensacola was taken over by the French and this started a territorial battle over Pensacola that would continue for the next 100 years. The French maintained control of Pensacola until 1722 when the Spanish regained control again. In 1763, however, Spain gave control to the British during the American Revolution. Not long afterwards, the Spanish once again took control over for a third time in 1781. Finally, in 1819 the United States purchased the area from Spain for good.

War in Pensacola

City of Five Flags 

The next nickname that Pensacola has is the City of Five Flags. It is clear to see from how often the city changed hands why this name would be befitting the city. It supported flags from the Spanish, French, British, and the United States. However, the fifth flag that Pensacola once proudly waved, took control during the Civil War.

During the Civil War, Florida was a big supporter of the Confederate troops. They were the 3rd state to join the Confederacy, and thus took on the confederate flag as their own. Interestingly enough, despite Florida being confederate, Fort Pickens in Pensacola was home to Union Soldiers. For the duration of the War, this fort remained Union, regardless of Confederate efforts to take it over.

The Civil War is not the only war that Pensacola has seen. Because it has been settled longer than any other place in modern-day America, it has seen many United States wars and played a role in quite a few. There have five different attempts to seize Pensacola; some successful, some not. During the American Revolutionary War in 1781, the Spanish attempted to reclaim Pensacola for the third time and were successful. The next war that Pensacola was part of was the War of 1812, when the Battle of Pensacola took place and Andrew Jackson forced the Spanish and British out.

Blue Angels and Military

Cradle of Naval Aviation

It is no surprise with Pensacola’s history that it would have a strong military presence. Home to numerous historic military bases, such as Fort Pickens, Fort McRee, and Fort Barrancas, Pensacola has a history steeped in our country’s fight for freedom.

Today, Pensacola is home to the Pensacola Naval Air Station, one of the premier naval bases in the country. This Naval Station is also famous because it is home to the world renowned Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are Pensacola’s pride and joy, and at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we are proud to share a home with them.

The Blue Angels are the U.S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron founded in 1946 by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Chester Nimitz. According to Commander Tom Frosch, the mission of the Blue Angels is “to showcase the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps by inspiring a culture of excellence and service to country through flight demonstrations and community outreach.” Members of the Blue Angels come from both the Navy and Marine Corps.



Western Gate to the Sunshine State

Pensacola’s rich history is celebrated in the city through its many museums and historic places. The National Museum of Naval Aviation is one museum that shows the history of aviation, not only in Pensacola, but from across the country as well. This Museum is located on the Naval Air Station and is free to the public to visit. Other Museums to check out include the Pensacola Historic Museum and the Pensacola Museum of Art.

Because Pensacola is conveniently located at the edge of Florida and Alabama, it is the perfect way right into the rest of Florida. For those who plan to visit the state of Florida, it is a great first stop to understand the history of Pensacola, and Florida’s history too, before seeing the rest that Florida has to offer!

Places to See and Things to Do

Worlds Whitest Beachs/Emerald Coast

Although Pensacola’s history is definitely a big part of the town, there are still plenty of other great things about the city. The next nickname the city has is actually two, World’s Whitest Beaches and Emerald Coast. Both of these refer to the wonderful beaches that can be found in Pensacola. In Pensacola you can visit the Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island, the Johnson Beach, the beaches of Gulf Islands, and more! Additionally, the Pensacola Lighthouse is a must-see in the city of Pensacola.

In addition to the great scenic beaches to be found here, Pensacola is home to some of the best Festivals around. Just a few festivals to see include the Pensacola Seafood Festival, Crawfish Festival, Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival, and many more. Perhaps the biggest festival is the Mardi Gras celebration every year. Although not as big as New Orleans, the Pensacola Mardi Gras is still a grand event that centers on family fun and good old-fashion entertainment.
The Final Pensacola Nickname

The Upside of Florida

Perhaps the most befitting nickname for the city is the Upside of Florida. Physically, Pensacola is located on the upper part of Florida on the West side, but it is so much more than that, too. Clearly the history here is one that has made a major impact on our nation as a whole, the military pride found in the city is to be admired, and the things to do and see are endless. While Pensacola is physically the upside of Florida, it is also symbolically, too; it represents the part of Florida that is positive and energetic. Pensacola has a lot of hometown pride that is uplifting and refreshing to those who live here and those who visit.

Whichever nickname you think is the best to describe Pensacola, we here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi still believe it’s one of the greatest places around!
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